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Alfresco Outdoor Kitchens

  Your Alfresco (outdoor) Kitchen, is designed to transform your outdoor cooking and casual dining space into a functional, practical and legitimate additional room. The same quality cabinetry and aesthetic, from your indoor kitchen, can be seamlessly carried through to the outdoors – extending the liveability and usability of all available spaces.

Materials WE use in our Alfresco range cabinets

Cabinets: constructed of 17mm thick Rhino Ply with white laminate surface
Rhino Ply is a long-lasting and durable plywood that is bonded with marine-grade glue that gives your cabinets superior protection against moisture absorption or swelling caused by exposure to water or high humidity. The bonded surface of Rhino Ply is made from sheets of high pressure laminate, which is hard-wearing, water resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean. That all adds up to carcasses made from Rhino Ply being incredibly DURABLE, RIGID

Doors: POLYTEC Alfresco range
Hard wearing and water resitant, the 5mm/55mm aluminium frames can be selected in either sleek satin aluminium or brushed stainless finish to coordinate with stainless steel appliances and BBQs. The 5mm COMPACT laminate inserts are made from a high impact waterproof material, that will stay in great shape for many years.

View the range of colour options here:  https://www.polytec.com.au/products/alfresco/ 

Tops: 20mm thick DEKTON by Cosentino
What is Dekton I hear you ask? Dekton is a proprietary blend of Quartz, Porcelain and Glass. It takes all of the great qualities of each raw material, and fuses and compresses them together, under high pressure to create a slab material. Dekton is heatproof and is so dense that it is non-porous. Because of its super formula and its density, it is also scratch proof. As
if heat resistant, scratch and stain proof wasn’t enough, DEKTON is also UV resistant, which means it is the only choice for the countertop of your alfresco kitchen.

View the range of colour options here:  https://www.dekton.com.au/colours/ 

Drawers: We use BLUM stainless steel Tandembox soft-close runners and hinges

Base: We use square, aluminium adjustable legs under our cabinets
All of the above-mentioned materials have been sourced through research over a long period of time, and we believe them to be the best available in your alfresco kitchen!